We tend to think as crafters that we are inherently environmentally friendly as we broadly share a ‘make do and mend’ mindset.  Making something lovely from scratch with natural fibres and quality materials, is both a creative challenge and fulfils one of the key tenets of sustainability which is ‘Supporting and Keeping Alive Traditional Skills'

There are a number of concepts which make up the definition of sustainability.  This can make it a little bit vague to define and often there is debate about what constitutes fully ‘sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly’ 

Here at The Orry Mill we want to build our own sustainable policy and put it at the heart of our business, a good starting point then, is the ‘Common Objective’ set of definitions.


The first steps for us at The Orry Mill are using materials that are environmentally friendly and protect animal welfare.  Wool of course is the main yarn we stock that is derived from animals and we want to use products that support good animal husbandry.  There is some good guidance from British Wool.


Almost all of our yarn is natural wools, cotton, silks and plant fibres, however we haven’t completely removed man-made fibres such as acrylic, nylon and polyamide and you will find some of our range is blended with these man-made fibres.  We have tried to be clear which ones do contain these fibres on the product page.  These man made fibres can increase the elasticity of the yarn, its strength and durability and ‘performance’ which refers to how well it washes.  Often these plastics shed ‘micro fibres’ into the environment when washed and they production of the plastic originates from fossil fuels. 

Below are some of our yarns which promote various ways to be sustainable, either in promoting a ‘circular economy’ ( essentially recycling) or using natural fibres that are environmentally friendly.  You will notice in the coming weeks we will create sections on our website that separate out yarns and materials that align with our developing sustainability policy.

We are on the start of our journey to be fully sustainable and we would love to hear your feedback.




Bobbiny is Eco friendly! They make their cords out of recycled cotton thread. 



We recover materials that have been considered used up and create beautiful, full-value products from them! The recycling materials from which the yarn is made are both production waste from factories and consumers in the form of used clothes and other cotton textiles. 



The textiles primarily cut into smaller pieces are then shredded until a sort of dust is received. At this stage the color is created – the shredded cotton in various colors is mixed in specific proportions in order to receive the desired shade. 



The fibers are then spun into thread which is later delivered to us. We import the yarn from an European producer and use it to make strings in a small factory in Poland. Because of how the production process is designed, different batches of one color may differ from one another. 



Neither water nor toxic chemicals are involved in the production of our cords. We try to minimize energy consumption as much as possible and reduce CO2 emissions. The string is wound up on a biodegradable paper spool. 



We spend a lot of time designing our new color collections by following the latest trends. The yarn is always made to our special order. The finished product goes to your hands, and you create beautiful projects with it. 




WYS Elements 

WYS is introducing Elements, an innovative blend of TENCEL™ Lyocell and world-renowned Falkland Islands wool. Expertly spun to create a fully traceable, sustainable, lightweight and lustrous yarn, perfect for your summer projects. 

It is a naturally harmonious bland 

Soft and smooth to the touch with a luxurious sheen and flattering drape, TENCEL™ Lyocell boasts many properties which perfectly complement wool. 

Harvested from sustainably manages wood sources, TENCEL™ Lyocell is certified as biodegradable and compostable, making this yarn revertible back to nature. 

Grazing in the beautiful wilderness, Falkland Island sheep enjoy some of the greenest conditions and produce the finest fleece, prized for its purity and handle. 

Fully traceable and derived from natural origins, this unique fibre blend leads to a yarn with great strength, natural breathability and gentleness against the skin. 

The yarn comes in a palette of light colours inspired by the joyful hues of summer 




Anchor Organic Cotton 


Directly from the cotton fields, natural, pure and then carefully dyed, Anchor Organic Cotton is made of 100% cotton GOTS certified fibers, created for conscious crafters who care for the environment. 

Anchor Organic Cotton is spun into an un-mercerised 4-ply yarn resulting in a natural soft touch and matt finish. Free from chemicals and Oeko tex certified it is especially safe and kind to sensitive skin. The colour palette features a range of beautiful shades inspired by nature and created with vegetable bases dyes. 

Anchor Organic Cotton yarn is suitable for both crochet and knitting techniques across a wide range of projects including garments, accessories and home décor items. 




Anchor Crafty 


Anchor Crafty is a 100% recycled yarn manufactured from waste textile and plastic materials, making it eco-friendly and sustainable. The yarn is rope like in its construction; made up of a soft 3-ply twisted cord approx. 5 mm thick, meaning it is very easy to work with, ideal for crafting beginners and offers quick-to-make projects. 

Due to its twisted construction Anchor Crafty can also be frayed beautifully to achieve textured fringes, making it perfect for macramé. It is especially well suited to home decor projects like plant hangers, wall hangings, table runners, table mats, coasters, keyrings and other projects, but can also be used for crochet, knitting and other yarn crafts. 

Anchor Crafty offers a colour palette of 13 fashionable and nature inspired shades, all created with vegetable based dyes. 




Rowan Cotton Wool 


Grown organically without harmful chemicals or pesticides these fibres are naturally soft, breathable and hypoallergenic to nurture and protect delicate skin. 

Spun in Italy with innovative technology, Cotton Wool is a lightweight yarn with a fine halo providing surface texture and comfort without fibre drift, making it safe for all skin kinds and especially for new baby. 

Celebrating cherished new baby, Cotton Wool is perfect for gifting, treasured future hand-me-downs and mindful crafting whilst waiting for baby to arrive. 

With twelve contemporary colours selected by Erika Knight, this yarn has been conceived for Mama too, to create knits in modern, classic shapes designed for growth, from bump to baby and beyond. These knits are practical, comforting and made to be lived in. 



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