SlowCraft Sunday 001

The Orry Mill was started simply to be a lovely wee shop that sought to share our love of crafting and colour with the local community. The shop was to be more than a retail outlet, a place to visit and spend time in, to leave having learnt something new, or to have found something that inspired you just a little bit.

We wanted to have a shop that was full of colour, where you would be surrounded by quality vibrant yarn, yet also be a calming, inspiring and tactile place where we curate a range of lovely things for people to craft with, and to provide support and advice to create something at a pace that suits you.

The wider benefits of crafting are a given to all those that are already passionate about it, and there is real-world evidence that taking time to craft and develop your practice, is beneficial to your health. It creates ‘head-space’ to reflect, focus and quiet the busy mind in our unsettled times.

These deliberate pauses we carve out for ourselves can be nurturing for body and mind and if we can help to encourage and support creating the time, space, and tools to do that, then that would make us very happy indeed.

The Orry Mill bricks and mortar shop

We want to make our online shop the same as our bricks and mortar shop. We will share with you a new blog and learning space in the coming weeks and months, and we would love your feedback. We believe that crafting is both deeply personal but at the same time a community activity. It’s a community we love being a part of and learn from every day and we want to be more than a shop, but a welcoming hub for the community.

Slowcraft Sundays will be where we start to build that community hub. Where we encourage time to slow down and take a moment for yourself. We will share videos and articles to support crafting with yarn and answer any questions you might have. We want The Orry Mill to be a place you come to look around to encourage you to take on new projects and try new things, but most of all we understand the power of crafting to be a proactive part of your health and wellness.

The idea of ‘Slow Craft’ is aligned with the ‘Slow Food’ movement that started in Italy.

We want our shop to be full of natural fibres and sustainable products that our grandchildren can use. This is a journey for us, as you know that yarn and accessories come in a huge variety of materials and its difficult for them to all to be 100% truly environmentally friendly and affordable and available to all.

Over time we will be doing our best to move our range towards truly sustainable and ethical for producers and the environment.

Let us know what you think.  Email us at