Kniting needles with yarn and unfinished stitches and a crochet hook and yarn with crochet stitching

A common question for the beginner crafter and often one even the more experienced among us might reflect on when thinking of the best approach to a new project.

There are many pieces that are equally suited to both knitting and crochet and often it comes down to what you are most practiced at and are most comfortable with.


Put simply, knitting normally refers to intertwining long lengths of yarn with two ‘needles’, into a series of loops to form a fabric. </p>

The 'loops' can be a series of patterns and textures but often form a 'v' shape


Crochet refers to the single hook that is used to essentially 'knot' lengths of yarn into a fabric. The eytmology for crochet comes from the french for 'small hook'

It may also relate to 'crook' and of course the musical notation of a 'crochet' which looks like a little like a hook

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