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The Orry Mill Story

The name ‘The Orry Mill’ refers to the 18th century cotton mill that once stood in the open space at the heart of the village of Eaglesham, South of Glasgow. The green and wooded space with a burn running through it that powered the mill is known as ‘The Orry’ (Old Scots for 'area')

The mill and the village were designed by Lord Alexander Eglinton, but built by his brother Archibald in the 17th Century. Many of the buildings and houses are now listed and the village is a beautiful place to visit and to live.

The Orry Mill is committed to traditional crafting and natural fabrics with a contemporary outlook. Through teaching and community events, we aim to keep crafting alive and thriving.

The Orry Mill

18a Glasgow Road
Eaglesham, Glasgow G76 0JQ

Phone: 07737020726