How To - Download a digital pattern

Download a digital 'PDF' pattern

  • Once you have selected your downloadable pattern, click ‘Add to cart
Screenshot of a downloadable pattern, highlighting the button ‘Add to cart’.
  • Your product will now be available within your Cart, click ‘Checkout’.

Screenshot of a shopping cart highlighting the checkout button


  • Ensure Contact, Payment (if required) and Billing address details are completed and click ‘Complete order’.

 Screenshot of the billing page highlighting the complete order button

  • You will receive your order confirmation, providing a button to download your pattern. Click ‘Download Now’.

Screenshot of the order confirmation highlighting the download now button

  • Clicking ‘Download Now’ performs the download of the file; depending on your device and browser, the experience may look different.  Your file will now be available within your computer, phone, or tablet’s Download folder by default.
    • If downloading on a phone then depending on your device (iPhone or Android) your 'Download' folder may be located in your 'Files' app or 'My Files' app.
    • On an iPhone you may have to click 'Browse' to find your Downloads folder.
    • On Samsung its 'Categories' 
    • On Google phones you open the Files app and browse to the downloads section.
  • Depending on your device/browser, a pop-up may appear for the recently downloaded file. On a PC, Laptop, or Tablet, it will look something like this:

Screenshot of browser popup with the downloads progress popup highlighted

  1. You will also receive an email with download links for your digital purchases.


Thank you for your purchase! Here are your downloads:

Daisy Crochet Bag (downloadable PDF)
crochet_bag_daisy_en (1).pdf
Download Link:


The Orry Mill

  • Clicking on the Download Link from within your email and clicking on ‘Download Now’ will perform the download. Once again, your file will be available within the Download folder for the device you are using. 

Screenshot of the Download page again, this time from following a link in your email.