Knitting For Olive at The Orry Mill

Why Knitting For Olive Yarns?

Quality and Range

At The Orry Mill we are so happy to introduce a new range of Knitting For Olive yarn. The yarns we are introducing from Knitting for Olive are their three most popular yarn bases. What is interesting about these yarns is that they can be stranded together across all qualities to create beautiful, and unique textures and colourways. We have:

  • Merino
    A 100% non-mulesed merino wool that provides excellent comfort and functionality, and it will keep you cosy in chilly weather. Strand it together with Soft Silk Mohair or Pure Silk for some added luxury.
  • Pure Silk
    Made from 100% bourette silk, it has an uneven and rustic look, a perfect yarn for summer tops and dresses. Mix it with Soft Silk Mohair to create luxury cardigans and sweaters.
  • Soft Silk Mohair
    Made from 70% traceable kid mohair and 30 cruelty-free mulberry silk. It makes the softest, fluffiest and most luxurious garments and can be knitted on its own single or double stranded or mixed with Knitting for Olive's Merino or Pure Silk for exquisite knitwear.


Looking for inspiration? Explore our range of Knitting for Olive Kits.

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Knitting for Olive - MerinoKnitting for Olive - Merino
Knitting For Olive Knitting for Olive - Merino
Sale price£8.50 GBP Regular price£9.00 GBP
In stock
Knitting for Olive - Soft Silk MohairKnitting for Olive - Soft Silk Mohair
Knitting For Olive Knitting for Olive - Soft Silk Mohair
Sale price£9.99 GBP Regular price£10.50 GBP
In stock
Knitting for Olive Pure SilkKnitting for Olive Pure Silk
Knitting For Olive Knitting for Olive Pure Silk
Sale price£10.25 GBP Regular price£10.50 GBP
In stock

A family-run business based in Copenhagen, Knitting for Olive makes knitting patterns for the ones you love – and now for you, too.  To be able to give you the best knitting experience, they decided to offer Knitting for Olive yarns with a vision to offer high-quality yarns made of pure natural fibres created with respect for both the animals and our environment.

In their own words:

"To enhance our customers’ knitting experience, we created our own yarn in 2016. The first Knitting for Olive yarn was our Merino, and since then, we’ve introduced 6 other Knitting for Olive yarn, including Soft Silk Mohair, Pure Silk and our No Waste Wool.

Our vision is to always offer the highest-quality yarn, created from pure natural fibres with respect for animals, workers and our environment."

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