Kremke Soul Wool Yarn at The Orry Mill

Why Kremke Soul Wool Yarns?

Quality and Range

Kremke Soul Wool is a collection of innovative yarns with an increasing focus on vegan and recycled yarns. “I like to look at my yarn brand as my playground. Whenever I feel there is a demand for a certain yarn composition or when I get inspired by some trends in the fashion or yarn industry, I try to incorporate that in a new yarn”, says Britta Kremke, founder of Kremke Soul Wool.

All the yarns have their own character and here at The Orry Mill we have selected
some playful yarns to add a bit of sparkle or offer the chance to work with materials
that are a little unusual.

Looking for inspiration? Try Papyrus for knitting or crocheting hats, table mats, bags and others. Alternatively, explore our Kidsilk patterns and add a bit of sparkle to your garments using Stellaris or Twinkle with Drops Kid-Silk yarn.

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Kremke Soul Wool - StellarisKremke Soul Wool - Stellaris
Kremke Soul Wool Kremke Soul Wool - Stellaris
Sale price£8.99 GBP
In stock
Kremke Soul Wool - PapyrusKremke Soul Wool - Papyrus
Kremke Soul Wool Kremke Soul Wool - Papyrus
Sale price£8.99 GBP
In stock
Kremke Soul Wool - TwinkleKremke Soul Wool - Twinkle
Kremke Soul Wool Kremke Soul Wool - Twinkle
Sale price£9.99 GBP
In stock

The Kremke Soul Wool brand was founded by Britta and Carsten Kremke.  Britta grew up in her mother’s yarn store, the first "yarn only" shop in Hamburg in the 60’s. Ever since being a teenager she has been knitting almost every day: But she eventually got tired from too many “Fancy Yarns” in the market and felt uninspired by the standard ranges of “Merino Super Wash” and “Super Sock” yarns most large brands offered. What she imagined were yarns “with a soul”, yarns that were special, yarns that had a story to tell. So almost ten years ago, she started having producers spin distinct fibres into interesting, yet classic yarns at competitive prices for her young brand.

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