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Why Rowan Yarns?

Quality and Range

Rowan have a comprehensive range of natural fibre yarns, including merino alpaca, cashmere, cottons and exquisite blends. Browse ROWAN YARNS here

New Patterns and Top Designers

Rowan are famous for the publications and collaborations with knitwear designers. They regularly publish designs every season. From soft Baby Cashsoft Merino to sturdy Pure Wool Superwash Worsted, there's a Rowan yarn for every project. We have range of paid and free rowan patterns Browse Rowan Patterns

Looking for inspiration? Explore our free knitting patterns, carefully curated by renowned designer Martin Storey, amongst other top designers.

Ethical practice and Sustainability

Rowan is committed to responsible production. They partner with the finest producers and ethical companies all through their supply chain, and require their suppliers and contractors to reduce their environmental impact and ban the use of environmentally harmful substances.

Kits and Projects

We feature kits like the 'Scottish Raindrops Baby Blanket' in Rowan Baby Cashsoft Merino, suitable for various skill levels.

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Rowan Fine Tweed HazeRowan Fine Tweed Haze
Rowan Rowan Fine Tweed Haze
Sale price£14.29 GBP
In stock
Rowan Moordale Clearance Bundles
Rowan Rowan Moordale Clearance Bundles
Sale price£22.00 GBP Regular price£35.50 GBP
Sold out
Rowan Alpaca Classic Clearance Bundles with FREE Patterns
Rowan Rowan Alpaca Classic Clearance Bundles with FREE Patterns
Sale price£19.99 GBP Regular price£39.05 GBP
Sold out
Rowan Big Big WoolRowan Big Big Wool
Rowan Rowan Big Big Wool
Sale price£7.99 GBP Regular price£14.80 GBP
Sold out
Rowan Baby Cashsoft MerinoRowan Baby Cashsoft Merino
Rowan Rowan Baby Cashsoft Merino
Sale price£6.75 GBP Regular price£7.10 GBP
In stock
Rowan Pure Wool Superwash WorstedRowan Pure Wool Superwash Worsted
Rowan Rowan Pure Wool Superwash Worsted
Sale priceFrom £8.99 GBP Regular price£11.60 GBP
In stock
Rowan Kidsilk HazeRowan Kidsilk Haze
Rowan Rowan Kidsilk Haze
Sale priceFrom £8.99 GBP Regular price£12.20 GBP
In stock
Rowan Felted TweedRowan Felted Tweed
Rowan Rowan Felted Tweed
Sale price£9.49 GBP Regular price£10.50 GBP
In stock
Rowan Pure CashmereRowan Pure Cashmere
Rowan Rowan Pure Cashmere
Sale priceFrom £19.99 GBP Regular price£36.65 GBP
Sold out
Rowan Tweed HazeRowan Tweed Haze
Rowan Rowan Tweed Haze
Sale price£9.99 GBP Regular price£14.30 GBP
In stock
Rowan Kidsilk Haze ColourRowan Kidsilk Haze Colour
Rowan Rowan Kidsilk Haze Colour
Sale price£10.49 GBP Regular price£21.15 GBP
In stock
Rowan Felted Tweed ColourRowan Felted Tweed Colour
Rowan Rowan Felted Tweed Colour
Sale price£9.99 GBP Regular price£12.45 GBP
In stock
Rowan Brushed FleeceRowan Brushed Fleece
Rowan Rowan Brushed Fleece
Sale price£8.99 GBP Regular price£9.50 GBP
In stock
Rowan Big WoolRowan Big Wool
Rowan Rowan Big Wool
Sale priceFrom £9.50 GBP Regular price£11.95 GBP
In stock

Books and Patterns

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Mode at Rowan Mini Knits - Kids CasualsMode at Rowan Mini Knits - Kids Casuals
Rowan Mode at Rowan Mini Knits - Kids Casuals
Sale price£12.70 GBP
In stock
Mode at Rowan Collection TenMode at Rowan Collection Ten
Rowan Mode at Rowan Collection Ten
Sale price£12.25 GBP
In stock
Mode at Rowan 4 Projects Summerlite NeonMode at Rowan 4 Projects Summerlite Neon
Rowan Mode at Rowan 4 Projects Summerlite Neon
Sale price£4.00 GBP
In stock
Designer Collective AccessoriesDesigner Collective Accessories
Rowan Designer Collective Accessories
Sale price£10.50 GBP
Sold out
Geometric HomewareGeometric Homeware
Rowan Geometric Homeware
Sale price£10.50 GBP
In stock
Rowan Edition ThreeRowan Edition Three
Rowan Rowan Edition Three
Sale price£13.75 GBP
In stock
Rowan Magazine No 75Rowan Magazine No 75
Rowan Rowan Magazine No 75
Sale price£14.25 GBP
In stock
Rowan Rowan Winter Haze
Sale price£9.50 GBP
Sold out

Established in 1978 near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire by founders Stephen Sheard and Simon Cockin

Initially specialising in weaving supplies and knitting kits, they wanted to produce yarn which was both high quality and perfect for the hand-knitting design trends of the time.

Their business focus was to showcase natural fibres in a paint-box colour palette, and so Lightweight DK was born with 98 shades.

Rowan specialises in working with a roster of talented designers including Lisa Richardson, Martin Storey, Erika Knight, Brandon Mably, ARNE & CARLOS, Quail Studio, and Georgia Farrell.

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