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Showing 1 - 24 of 25 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 25 products
Clover Pom-Pom MakersClover Pom-Pom Makers
Clover Clover Pom-Pom Makers
Sale priceFrom $6.00 USD
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Pony Safety Stitch Markers
Pony Pony Safety Stitch Markers
Sale price$6.00 USD
Pony Gold Eye Knitters Needles
Pony Sock BlockerPony Sock Blocker
Pony Pony Sock Blocker
Sale price$13.00 USD Regular price$14.00 USD
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KnitPro Row Counter The mindful collectionKnitPro Row Counter The mindful collection
Clover Split Ring Stitch MarkersClover Split Ring Stitch Markers
Pony Wool NeedlesPony Wool Needles
Pony Pony Wool Needles
Sale price$4.00 USD
Wooden Craft Ring 5.5cmWooden Craft Ring 5.5cm
Trimits Wooden Craft Ring 5.5cm
Sale price$1.00 USD
Wooden Craft Ring 7cmWooden Craft Ring 7cm
Trimits Wooden Craft Ring 7cm
Sale price$2.00 USD
Pony Gold Eye Easy Threading Sewing Needles
KnitPro Rainbow Knit Blockers (Pack of 20)KnitPro Rainbow Knit Blockers (Pack of 20)
Lantern Moon Ebony Finishing NeedlesLantern Moon Ebony Finishing Needles
Wooden Elephant Craft RingWooden Elephant Craft Ring
Trimits Wooden Elephant Craft Ring
Sale price$3.00 USD
Pony Gold Eye Wool Needles
Pony Pony Gold Eye Wool Needles
Sale price$2.00 USD
Wooden Star Craft RingWooden Star Craft Ring
Trimits Wooden Star Craft Ring
Sale price$3.00 USD
Wooden Teddy Craft RingWooden Teddy Craft Ring
Trimits Wooden Teddy Craft Ring
Sale price$3.00 USD
Addi Heart Shaped Knitting & Crochet Gauge 1.5-15mm
Wooden Craft Ring 4.5cmWooden Craft Ring 4.5cm
Trimits Wooden Craft Ring 4.5cm
Sale price$1.00 USD
Wooden Bunny Craft RingWooden Bunny Craft Ring
Trimits Wooden Bunny Craft Ring
Sale price$3.00 USD
Wooden Bird Craft RingWooden Bird Craft Ring
Trimits Wooden Bird Craft Ring
Sale price$3.00 USD
White Wooden Craft Ring 7cmWhite Wooden Craft Ring 7cm
White Wooden Craft Ring 10cmWhite Wooden Craft Ring 10cm
Wooden Cloud Craft RingWooden Cloud Craft Ring
Trimits Wooden Cloud Craft Ring
Sale price$3.00 USD

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The Orry Mill is an independent family owned wool shop based in Glasgow, Scotland.

We specialise in contemporary knitting, crochet and macrame and stock a beautiful range of premium and luxury natural fibre yarns, modern knitting crochet and macrame patterns and accessories, to ensure you have everything you need for your knitting, crochet and macrame projects.

We also have expert help at hand if you get stuck.

On offer is also a variety of classes to help you get started or improve your knitting and crochet skills.