muud Hee - Leather Pencil Case

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Handmade slim leather pencil case

Hee from muud is a beautiful and stylish pencil case in genuine leather designed to hold and organise your crochet and knitting accessories.

The pencil case is made by hand in genuine leather that will age with beauty. The pencil case unites the finest quality, aesthetics and craftsmanship to give you a beautiful accessory that will keep your small essential tools neatly organised.

Thanks to the slim design, the Hee XL pencil case will fit in your everyday project bag allowing you to bring your essentials everywhere you go. 

Height: 2 cm
Length: 18 cm
Material: Leather
Lining: Polydrill with a smooth surface to ensure easy maintenance

Care information: muud Care & Clean Leather is a natural material, and its appearance may therefore vary from product to product. The actual product colour may also vary from the visual representation on this website.

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