How to Crochet: Ocean Mini Menagerie Book by Kerry Lord

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Introducing Kerry Lord's new series of crochet pattern books: How to crochet animals. Each book in this new quartet features 25 mini Edward's Menagerie animals for you to crochet.

Dive into this collection of 25 miniature animal crochet patterns from Kerry Lord, founder of TOFT yarn brand, and her Edward’s Menagerie. All your favourite sea life – a turtle, an octopus and even an adorable penguin – are just waiting to be created.

Learn to crochet with clearly illustrated step-by-step instructions that take you from the very beginning and introduce new techniques as you turn the pages. Crocheting is a relaxing and mindful hobby, and you can spread some joy with these fun, quick and easy projects. Each one of these finished projects sits around 7cm tall and can be made using just 25g of DK wool.

Collect the whole menagerie! This book is one of a new gift series from TOFT; swing with an orangutan in Wild, hook together a fluffy sheep in Farm or even create your own cute puppies in Pets.

Inside OCEAN you will find the patterns to make the following 25 mini animals: Jellyfish, Sardine, Octopus , Urchin, Pufferfish, Squid, Starfish, Turtle, Crab, Sea Slug, Lobster, Hermit Crab, Seahorse, Prawn, Pelican, Ray, Shark, Blue Whale, Narwhal, Sea Snake, Hammerhead Shark, Clownfish, Mackerel, Penguin and Conch Shell.

When you order this book directly from TOFT you will receive a FREE .pdf download with 4 bonus patterns. You can download this from your TOFT area and you will also receive a link to the bonus patterns in your order confirmation email. You will receive bonus patterns for mini whelk, muscles, scallops, as well as a standard-sized Troy the Hammerhead Shark.

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