Rowan Learn to Knit - The Basics


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Rowan Learn to Knit - The Basics; takes you through essential knitting skills such as casting on, casting off, and the basic knit and purl stitch.

Building on these instructions, you can move onto combinations of stitches and begin to incorporate the next level of skills.

Expert tips and advice appear throughout and a series of twelve simple patterns enables consolidation of the skills learned throughout the book, each encouraging, inspiring and developing confidence.

Clear, easy-to-follow, step-by-step illustrations and instructions provide a reference for the new knitter to have at your fingertips, and the book is sized to be easily carried in a knitting bag.

Rowan Big Wool is the yarn featured in this publication, an excellent beginner yarn that will make your knitting look the best it can be.

Video tutorials to support the book will be available at

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