Toft Edward's Menagerie The New Collection by Kerry Lord

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Toft Edward's Menagerie The New Collection

Designed by Kerry Lord

This hardback book is the sequel to Kerry Lord's international best-seller 'Edward's Menagerie' and brings many more of your favourite animals to life using the popular amigurumi crochet technique. The 50 animals featured inside have not previously been published in a book and expand Kerry's amigurumi range of soft toys that are suitable for complete beginners to advanced crocheters. Each animal pattern is completed with a full character story and technical instructions covering step-by-step tuition. Ever wondered how Lucy the Hare takes her tea, the kind of car James the Meerkat drives, or what Donna the Reindeer does for a living? Then dive into this hardback book and explore all your favourite animals from around the world.

Edward's Menagerie: The New Collection includes the amigurumi crochet patterns for:
Lucy the Hare
Quin the Alpaca
Steve the Tapir
Erica the Camel
Libby the Wombat
Sheila the Kangaroo
Diablo the Buffalo
Bertrand the Warthog
Chloe the Wood mouse
James the Meerkat
Jason the Oryx
Ian the Rat
Matilda the Arctic hare
Hannah the Mouse
Linda the Beaver
Kylie the Quokka
Lance the Ox
Edna the Possum
Prince the White Tiger
Harriet the Three-toed Sloth
Caroline the Platypus
Derek the Mole
Andre the Black and White Ruffed Lemur
Hugh the Echidna
Shane the Tasmanian Devil
Aurora the Arctic fox
Donna the Reindeer
Jake the Chinchilla
Logan the Moose
Sid the Giant Anteater
Stephanie the Fennec Fox
Archie the Llama
Gabriel the Baboon
Susan the Badger
Xavier the Gibbon
Bruno the Okapi
Natalie the Otter
Tarquin the Fallow Stag
Lauren the Angora Rabbit
William the Sloth Bear
Tom the Leopard
Romulus the Muskox
Adam the Boer Goat
Pat the Shire Horse
Frank the Armadillo
Mae the Snow Leopard
Zack the Skunk
Luke the Flying fox
Lillith the Lynx
Gloria the Red Panda

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