Learn to Knit - Casting Off

When your knitting is finished, the final row of stitches must be secured properly, otherwise your knitting will unravel. This is called 'Casting off' or also known as 'Binding off'

  • Knit the first two stitches
  • Step 1. Insert the tip of your left hand needle into the front of the right stich on your right hand needle.
  • Step 2. Gently lift that stitch over the left stitch on the right hand needle and drop it off the needle
  • Now you have cast off one stitch
  • Knit another stitch and repeat step 1 and 2
  • Continue until there is only one stitch left on your right hand needle
  • Cut your working yarn and leave enough yarn for weaving in the ends (approx. 20-25cm)


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