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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Learn to Knit

Artificial intelligence or 'AI', for many of us, is the stuff of science fiction books and movies. For our children and grandchildren, it is a current reality.
Browsing social media I had joined a group called ‘Beginners Knitting’, it’s a large group of people made up of mainly US and UK knitting enthusiasts and is exactly as you would expect. People asking lots of questions about getting started with knitting and showing pictures of mistakes and WIPS they are looking for feedback on.
One member then posted that free patterns were now easy to find as they had asked ‘ChatGPT’ and had got a simple kntting pattern, that to them as a beginner seemed to be working very well...

The Local Yarn: Weaving Community and Craft Together

The Local Yarn: Weaving Community and Craft Together

Small Business
Running a creative small business could be seen at its base, as an act of defiance.  It rarely starts with this, but I think all small business owners eventually recognise this feeling.  Any arts and craft retail business of course starts with idealism.  Thoughts of independence and carving out ‘spaces’ to allow creativity to blossom.  Money isn’t the end goal (of course it is), because the money will come as a by-product of ‘building community’ (it’s not and it doesn’t)
Bathers at Asnières by Georges Seurat

The Importance of Doing Nothing

One of the greatest achievements over Christmas was knitting a tension square in DK with 4.5mm needles.  A fairly standard knitting task, but for me it was a milestone.  I was pleased that I found the flow to quickly move from casting-on to stocking stitch. I was completely unaware of the time that had passed or even how many rows I was on,  when I noticed my rows of knitting curling up.  Tilde told me this was common and suggested I switch to alternate stitch such as a broken rib.  What might have been a bit of a challenge was in fact just a new route to go down, to enjoy the new rhythm and watch the texture appear in my rows.