For the Love of Yarn - 'Glesga-Zebra' Merino Nylon Sock Yarn

Colour: Peely Wally
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The merino nylon zebra base is a stunning 3 shade gradient yarn
that has been plyed in such a way to create a beautiful barber
pole effect.

An award winning independent yarn brand based
in Glasgow Scotland, For the Love of Yarn boasts a
spectrum of rich vibrant colours.

For the Love of Yarn started over 13 years ago, from the
humble beginnings in a Glasgow kitchen to their now large studio
space dedicated to producing high end luxury skeins for
customers worldwide.

The fantastic colour ways are all named after the famous 'Glesga Patter' ( 'Glasgow Dialect' if you are from outside Scotland!)

  • It Wiznae Me
  • Where ye Fae?
  • Fouter
  • Peely Wally
  • Scunnered




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