Ponies Jumper - Knitting Pattern

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Ponies Jumper - Knitting Pattern

Designed By Mandy McIntosh of Ham and Enos

This jumper is Ella's version of a traditional Shetland Yoke jumper, It uses raglan shaping before the yoke, a lower neckline and short row shaping to make it more modern. It has 5 contrast colours but the yoke would look equally striking in one shade.


Chest: 95cm (38in)

The garment will fit from size 10 – 16. If additional width is needed, the graph can be altered to allow more stitches at the side; for every extra inch, 6 stitches are required.

What you will need:

  • Yarn: Jamieson & Smith 2ply Jumper Weight:
  • Main Colour A : 12 x 25g
  • Contrast Colour B: 2 x 25g for all sizes
  • Contrast Colour C: 1 x 25g for all sizes
  • Contrast Colour D : 1 x 25g for all sizes
  • Contrast Colour E: 1 x 25g for all sizes
  • Contrast Colour F: 1 x 25g for all sizes
  • 3 small buttons
  • 60cm circulat needles in sizes 3mm & 3.25mm
  • Wool needle

Skill Level - Intermediate

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