Knitting needles and yellow yarn spelling out the word 'love'



To cast on with the long tail cast method you start by placing a slip knot a distance from the end of the yarn.

To calculate the distance wrap the yarn round your needle as many times as the number of stitches you want to cast on plus a little bit more so you have enough yarn to weave in the end when you have finished your knitting.

Make your slip knot.

Place the slip knot onto the needle,  this is also your first stitch!

Hold your needle in your right hand.

Keep the tail end to the front, and the working yarn to the back. 

Grab both strands of yarn with your left hand.

Pinch together your thumb and index finger and insert them in-between the two strands and pull your fingers apart.

Tail-end is over your thumb and the working yarn is over your index finger.

Insert the tip of the needle under the yarn at your thumb in the direction from the base of your thumb out towards the tip of your thumb.

Use the tip to pick out a loop with the yarn at the back and bring it through the loop at the front.

Pull your thumb out of the loop swing it round and use it to tighten the yarn at the front

You have now cast on a stitch and already set up for casting on the next stitch!


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