Learn to Knit - The Knit Stitch - Throwing style


Knit and Purl are the only two stitches you will need to learn!

Even the most complicated knitting is just a combination of these two core stitches.

This variation is known as the UK method ( well at least it is in the United Kingdom) but it is also known as the 'throwing' method.

Take your time, go and watch the 'Cast On' method then learn the knit stitch and knit as many rows as you like until you feel comfortable.

  • Hold your needle with all the stitches in you left hand and the empty needle in your right hand.
  • Hold the working yarn to the back of your our needles
  • Insert the tip of the right needle into the front of the first stitch on the left needle
  • Wrap the yarn anti clockwise
  • Round the back in-between your needles to the front.
  • Use the tip of your right needle to pull out a loop through the stitch
  • Now slide the old stitch of your left needle and you have a new stitch on the right needle.






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