What is The Orry Mill?

The Orry Mill was started to share our love of crafting and colour with the local community. The shop was to be more than a retail outlet, a place to visit and spend time in, to leave having learned something new, or to have found something that inspired you just a little bit.

We wanted to have a shop that was full of colour, where you would be surrounded by quality vibrant yarn, yet also be a calming, inspiring and tactile place and to provide support and advice to expand your crafting.

The wider benefits of crafting can be taken as a given yet there is a wealth of published papers that demonstrate taking time to craft is beneficial to your health. It creates ‘head-space’ to reflect, focus and quiet the busy mind in our unsettled times.

These deliberate pauses we carve out for ourselves can be nurturing for body and mind and if we can help to encourage and support creating the time, space, and tools to do that, then that would make us very happy indeed.

We believe that crafting can be a deeply personal, solo activity but at the same time a social community activity, and we would like to create the space to switch between the two.

Our focus is on natural fibres and sustainable products  However, this is a journey for us, as you know that yarn and accessories come in a huge variety of materials and its difficult for them to all to be 100% truly environmentally friendly and affordable and available to all.

Over time we will be doing our best to move our range towards truly sustainable and ethical for producers and the environment.

Let us know what you think.  Email us at info@theorrymill.co.uk


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